domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Stalker Mode

Hello again (@_@)

I'm in a stalker mode, just looking on ebay for bargains and bids for gorgeous Filofax.

I did had my eyes on a personal size Blue Finsbury but it's already more than I can pay for it with the shipping added.

After I couldn't get my hands on the Finsbury I looked for a personal size Metropol in orange...

WHAT?! I know, it's rare for me to like that color but I wanted one so I looked and the prices were fine but the shipping cost was more than the binder itself so... I move on... I brown Metropol, the price it's sooooo low and with the shipping would be only 27 US Dollars, but I'm not convinced yet...

So I keep looking and I found myself a bargain in A5 size for a Chameleon... well two for the same price and I was going crazy!!
A black Chameleon and an aqua Chameleon... with the shipping was 40 US dollars... wich for an A5 I'm ready to go broke to get LOL but looked reasonable for my mind. And then I saw a personal size Chameleon in raspberry...

I was inlove (*w*) I don't like girly colors but this was love at first look OMG! and then I when DEAD...
You sould know by now I own two Domino's in Ultra Violet, one personal and one A5... What you don't know it's that I'm a sucker for snakes since I was a child, I can't help but love them like you have no idea and now I'm going for spiders too LOL well... back on track and to make things short, this was what I found...

A BRONZE SNAKE DOMINO A5!!!!!!!!!! *drools*

Ok people, I'm not kidding, this is more cheap than the Chameleons and since I have been reading about the discoloration problems of the Chameleon I'm stalking this baby until the end. I have seen this binder before in Philofaxy and adore it so much. I know most of you may think this is crazy but OMG this would be the perfect gift for myself.

Others may said that I'm nuts just for knowing that I can't pay so much money for a planner because of the shipping cost issue, so why torture me with Ebay or Amazon? For me it's more of a healthy thing in the end, why? It helped me to think... I do have my personal size Domino and my A5, so... why do I want another? can I afford to get another? what purpose will it have? just to get it for the excitement? and other questions that make me stop and just look wich for me it's a kind of training, so I learn how to use my money in a wise manner.

But this baby would be in my eyes until the bids are over LOL

OBS: None of this pictures was mine, I google all of them jijijiji

miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Homemade Dividers

As most of you know I have 3 (three) gorgeous Filofax's at home and I wanted to start personalizing them as soon as they got in my hands, but I need it some time to figure how I was going to set up the dividers and trying some ideas I came up with this.

I decided to try to make dividers out of paper, so I took my old Pascualina 2004 agenda and take the spiral out. Then I proceed to look for pages with no writting on them so I can use and set up in my head the idea of 12 dividers, one for each month.

I took a paper a little bigger than the personal size paper (3 3/4 x 6 3/4) and use it as a guide to cut the paper of my old 2004 agenda in the places that I saw fit to do so. I was really carefull and traced the paper with pencil all the way around before cutting it.

As you can see I was really carefull and only cut a few sheet, first and then I cut the other 6 (six) because I needed 12 sheets to make the 12 months dividers.

I found trhu Philofaxy, Ray's blog and in that blog I found this template to make 6 dividers so I printed and use it in a different way. Cut the round edges and place it uppon my sheets one by one to trace the outside and then cut it to size.

Here I have the first 6 (six) dividers... If you make the picture open in other page you will see better the dividers. They have a lot of colour and they are fun for me to watch every day (n.n)

This is one, just for you to see the little part that it's the place were I would writte the month. It's really small but it's enough for me to see it in the binder so it would fit perfectly for my needs.

And here we have the 12 (twelve) dividers for my months. I'm not sure if I would laminate them but if I do, I will update this post with pictures and let you all know (n.n)

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

They Are Here!!! (*w*)

Yesterday I started my journey in the crazy and amazing world of Filofax (YEY!)

First of all I should have made this post yesterday but I was so overwhelmed with this parcel arriving (FINALY) that I couldn't even get my hands to write here. But, better now than never, isn't right?

One interesting fact (at least for me) was that this parcel left London the 31th of October (O.O Halloween) and arrived the 13th of November (TUESDAY 13th). Being me, the one little witch that I like to say I am, this fact was relevant and make this gift even more special (*w*)

You would see (if you watch the video) that this parcel was FULL of gift and things that I love and I will use in my Filofax's when I get them set up. But for those who don't want to watch a 17 minutes long videos of me opening my parcel (-.-) I will list what I got down here:

1) Stickers (*o*)
2) Magnet paper clip (2 of them)
3) Sticky notes in various colors
4) A ball point blue pen
5) Note pads (one spiral bound, the other one in the shape of a cat)
6) Stamps (for Christmas)
7) Stickers for Christmas presents or others
8) An 8 hole punch
9) A few Dodo Pad inserts (definitely try them out)
10) A mini Malden in GREY
11) A personal Domino Ultra Violet (with page marker)
12) An A5 Domino Ultra Violet (with page marker)

I think I put everything in that list... hmmm... If I find out something is missing I would add to it (^-^)

martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

Homemade Mark It Dots

This idea just came to my head while I was texting (at 1:00 am) and protecting some holes from a divider that I made and have for my pocket planner.

I was using this reinforcements and then I looked at my night table and saw my permanent marker in red. "This can be a great idea!" I said to myself, took the marker and start colouring the white dots into red ones.

And it worked!

So if you have this simple items in your home...

Save some money!!

And have fun (n.n)

Flee Market

This past saturday (November 10th), my cooperative held a Flea Market like evey second saturday of evey month. This time I decided that I have enough stuff to go and get my spot in this market and make some money.

The day was really cloudy and not so many co-op associated people show up even when you need to called and make reservations for your table and stuff, but I think that people just looked at the sky and decided not to come.
Since the event is free to all co-op associated that are current on their dues, people just come and go as they please and all it's set up in a plaza.

My table was a little poor because my mom said to me not to bring so many stuff for the first time and see what I can sell and what not, so I did. None of my stuffy animals went away or my bags... just the toys for boys were more looked and sold.

I end up making less than 5 dollars but at least was something for being there since 7:45 to 12:35 in the morning.

sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

My A4 Organization System

Observation: My birth language is not English, sorry for the mistakes in my writting

This baby I have since a year, my mom gave it to me after she went to Argentina, to her cousin house. I have decided that I will used it until December so I will see if I like the size and stuff, but it's just to stay at home because I'm finishing the classes at the University in two weeks and the rest of the time it's studying for the finals that start on November 22.

I got some dividers with tabs and stick some sticky paper and flags on the cover of the binder just to use it if I need it. I pretend to put some more stuff like a plastic pouch of some sort but that's something that I need to see if will be nice to my eyes.

I only have 4 tabs labeled: Routine, Calendar, Fitness, To Do's. The ones that are missing yet are Website and Forums Login Information and some Festivals that will have my takes on some festivals that I'm looking at this year.

This calendar I printed from a blog from Mrs January Inc. and I have until December only but they are so cute and spaced for me that I will look for them next year to, I hope she made the 2013 too. There I wrote the birthdays on pink that I want to remember, the ones highlither in blue are my finals and the little numbers with yellow hightlight are a count down until my Filofax gets here.

This is in my Fitness section. Since this calendar if big enough I have decided to put how much walking I did and when, and also put how many glasses of water I take on each day. I have a food journal in process so that won't be here yet but soon it will be.

Hope you like it, if you have any succestions please coment (n.n)

Fresh Start

Hello to everyone reading this ^-^

I finaly decide that I need some space for myself, without the presure that I used to have in other places. Looking here and there I have put some blogs up and down in the past, even in Wordpress but I end up taking then down again because I wasn't confortable with some things and here you have me, again in Blogger, using this like the in the beginning.

A breaf notion of what you can find in here are my personal thoughts about some ishues that I have in my life, stories that I wrote and write as the time goes by, pictures of things that I do, pictures also of my life when I believe it's convenient, videos of my youtube channel, and some bits and peaces of my day in and day out.

I pretend this to be my safe place for onces, somewhere I can put my thoughts out of my head and just let myself go sometimes in the words of the keyboard so I can make my life a little easy and have less ishues with stuff that I don't need to think so much AND to show off some stuff too when they make my happy or proud.


Lady E.