jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

My Weight Loss Journey - January Review

Welcome, Welcome again to my weekly Weight Loss post with my updates and because you are so cool with me I've decided to put some pictures of my horrible feets on the scale this morning. So.. if you pinch on the picture of my feets and put it in the normal size for the photo you will see that the scale it's actually marking 73,6 kg but at that you have to add 2 kg to have the accurate weight so it is 75,6 kg.
After that I have to say I'm very proud of myself and my journey. It's not been an easy road for me this month but I stick to my goals, my wants and I did accomplish a little. I have to admit too that I didn't do it alone, I've pretty little gorgeous people behind me, helping, pushing, keeping me on track and accountable of my workouts: Alice, Sandra H, Preethi (Filofit) and Romi Morris. This girls have been with me and giving great ideas for not get bored and keep working out so I have to say it...

Off course when it comes to my measurements I have decided that it's not so cool to be putting them here week after week and I finaly made a template for my Filofax to keep myself in check and post it here as a picture at the end of every month. In that way I can keep myself in check and also show you what and how I have been doing in my measurements.

Here we have the review of my measurements in the easy, simple template I made in Excel for my Domino A5 and I will be putting it in my Personal size too. According to my measurements I have lost 2 cm of my bust, my hips are the same, my waist it's 2 cm less and my arms and legs are about the same. I do know now that I took wrong the measurements of my arms and legs, that's why I say they are about the same. For next month I will be making sure I take them correctly.
I lost 1.4 Kgs

When it's time to check my Goals I realized that maybe I'm being a little too... Don't know how to say it but I imitated a pretty girl when about Goals it's concerned so I have decided to make my own Goals at my own way and keep it like that, in my Filofax too and show you guys an update with my measurements at the end of each month.

Weight Loss Goals for February

No drinking Coke for a Month

Eat more fruits

Excersise 60 minutes a day

Keep a daily food journal

Try a new recipe for a meal or shake once a week

Next I leave you with a few pictures of meals I ate this past week between saturday and today, wich is thursday... Hope you enjoy (n.n)

This I ate the 25 at the Pinedo Shopping... fdafs

This I ate last Friday at my home, in a family dinner...

domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

My Filofax Week #04

Well, it's Sunday again and that means... *waits a little* Yes! Exactly, Filofax weekly post (n.n)
Very Good Boys and Girls! *applauds* Now... lets see...

As you can see this week was a little packed with stuff to do some days and repited actions on other days, but most stuff were wroted down on the weekends so... And also, you can see I did stamped the dates again this week, I think it's fun to do it so I will be doing that until it's not fun anymore LOL...

Using some shiny tape and Pascualina old sticker and color pencil I did make the page a little more colorful and not so empty... *sigh* I know, I know... my flowers look like those made of kinder garden kids... I know... And I mostly transfer some repited actions like workout day after day so I don't leave any blank spaces...

Talking about writting stuff down and don't do it... All the stuff in brackets are the stuff I didn't do even when there are important like study and stuff (u.u) That little doodle and quote is from a music that stuck in my head from Simple Plan... And for next week I have change completly the layout so we will see and for being Sunday and starting to use that layout I would have to say that I love it so far (n.n)

jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

My Weight Loss Journey - Take 4

Well my fellow friends and followers of this journey... I know, I know... I should have posted this on Tuesday but didn't feel like it and also couldn't find my measuring tape so... I did weight myself on tuesday and today again and also take my measurements... So lets start with that...

This week my measuments were:
Weight: 76,8 kg
Waist: 105
Bust: 106 cm
Hips: 110 cm
Belly: 111 cm

Reviewing my goals...

Lose 10 kg by the 10th of August, 2013
    -Gain 200 grams again

Be able to jog 4 laps around the plaza by the 10th of August, 2013
    -Started to walk again around the plaza on tuesday

Eat more natural fruits and vegetables
    -Still with problems with emotional eating, more now that I have the finals so close and decision to make about people in my life

Reduce only to weekends the intake of frizzy drinks and only up to 2 glasses
    -Drank 1 liter of Coke since Sunday until today

Workout at least 4 or 5 times a week without excuses
    -Like I said before, started working out again on tuesday, not taking more breaks though

Being honest and fair, it's not going to be easy. I couldn't keep up with the food journal thing but I really need to do it because with all the stress on top of me I will end up getting heavier and gain more weight instead of loosing it. Need to be more relaxed but since I made up my mind about a friendship situation I won't be getting any time fo myself and I need more time for myself.

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Filofax Help (?)

Hi to all of you out there

This is my first ever poll about planners and particularly about Filofax

If you ever read my blog you may know that I usually stalk Ebay just looking for Filofax planners to drool over the picture and the idea of getting one (Stalker post 1 - Stalker post 2)

A few weeks ago I think, I posted something about saving to get a Filofax Aston and just a few days later I saw it brand new on sale on the Filofax website for 50$ and I didn't have the money to pay for it without touching my savings from my aunt's.

Soon the days went by and I wanted more and more a new Filofax even if I'm not taking all the juice of my Domino that I absolutely adore and my Mini Malden wich it's the one that it's well used right now and since she arrived it's been by my side all the time.

I do have a problem with all this... I ask Joy to help me get a Malden in a very good sale on Canada when she found one but... I don't think I can wait and I have seen the Black Chameleon on sale on the Filofax website and I was thinking it's gorgeous and perfect for working with me and specially considering I love snakes, but... for some reason I feel like something it's not right...

Talking here and there, I have the chance to get a red Finsbury for only 35$ shipping on the US included, but even with that chance I feel something it's not right. Don't know what it is. I want to believe that it's just my head being crazy and wanting all but at the same time I'm worried to cause discoloration on the leather because I do have extremely oily hands but at the same time don't want to wait and don't get a Filofax of my own.

I can always get a Metropol (or wait for one) or get a Dakota and don't worry about that oily situation... or change brand and get a Day Timer or Franklin Covey leather like planner... And at the same time my head it's thinking that I can get washi tape, stickers, Coleto pens, scrapbook paper for dividers, etc, etc, etc, if I don't buy the planner...

Very confusing situation for myself right now... I spend most of my days thinking and thinking... Yesterday I almost made the bank transfer to get the Chameleon but I waited and got a better deal with the company and now they just ask were bank account should I want to put the money so they make the purchase for me already and I'm bitting my fingers to say "YES, DO IT!" and put the money on their account already.

Honestly I don't know what to do... I want a leather planner but at the same time I don't see the point of making the purchase if I don't actually have a functional system yet...

The Filofax that I have in mind are: Metropol, Finsbury, Malden, Chameleon, Cuban and then Daytimer or Franklin Covey leather like covers. If it was for me and I didn't have any problem getting it because of the money I still would get an Aston or a Holborn but those are just for being fancy and having something really expensive.

What do you think? Help me out on this dilema, please?

sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

My Filofax Week #03

Another week has gone by and it's not a very full with stuff to do or writte down. I did made some thinking wile I was at my cousin house in Corrientes. I realized so many stuff and the changes I made in myself without even notice it and that I don't know if I want to go back but if I don't I will lose someone very important for me... A very dear friend that I consider my brother...

As you all can see, because of the picture above, my week wasn't so packed with stuff to do and some didn't accomplished but it's ok for me... was vacation...

Again I wrote in Spanish and English according to my mood and was very good mood considering I was kind of a free person of my family but well... Not everything it's great all the time, right?

This second half of the week was in English, not so much to do, honestly was less than last week but it's ok... Like I said... I'm on vacations...

martes, 15 de enero de 2013

My Weight Loss Journey - Take 3

Today I'm writting from Corrientes, Argentina. We just arrived and it's 12:03 hs (using military hours) and I also just weight myself, considering that the only food that I ingested today until know it's half a cup of coffee with milk and one tea spoon of sugar, 3 coco cookies and half a plastic glass of soda...

The important thing it's this... I just realized that my weight in my previous post was wrong... *sigh* I know... You may ask: How it's that even possible? And the answer it's quite simple... My scale it's not digital and I forgot that I needed to add up 2 more kilograms to the weight that my scale marks...

This means I actually weighted 77 kg this past two weeks and know I'm proud and happy to say that I weight 76.4 kg *jumps of excitement* I lost 600 grams and I'm so proud of myself and I have some extra good news... My cousin's wife goes to a gym, so I will probably expend a little money and go with her for the time that I'm here so I won't stop excercising and I will be able to eat, with control, but not have to restrain myself sooo much *jumps even more*

I don't have a measure tape right now so I can't take my measurement's but I promise I will do it tomorrow  morning, I will ask to my cousin's wife to give me hers for a few minutes and then I will update again this post and I will let you know over Twitter that I did. My aunt said that she notice that I lost centimeters of my belly and my face it's not so fat as it was before when she saw me prior to Christmas.

Reviewing my goals...

Lose 10 kg by the 10th of August, 2013
    -I already loss 600 grams in 2 weeks

Be able to jog 4 laps around the plaza by the 10th of August, 2013
    -This week I varely went to the plaza, I stayed playing StepMania most of the days

Eat more natural fruits and vegetables
    -Doing good, my eating habits are quite healthy, it's my emotional eating problems the ones making me fat with my thyroid situation too

Reduce only to weekends the intake of frizzy drinks and only up to 2 glasses
    -Drank 1 liter of Coke since Saturday until Monday night

Workout at least 4 or 5 times a week without excuses
    -Was doing ok until I took a break on Saturday and haven't re-started again yet

I think that if a digital scale it's not too expensive here, I will get one because I need it to be more accurate in my weight loss journey... This week it's gonna be a challenge since I'm gonna be here, in Argentina until Saturday, so... we will see what happens...

lunes, 14 de enero de 2013

The Sleeping Filofax (Belzira's Blog Competition)

This is a pretty little story for Belzira's Blog Competition

The Sleeping Filofax

The night of Christmas Eve was as hectic as you all may imagine. Elf running around from here to there, picking up toys from all over the place and bringing them to the gigant red bag with the golden ropes around the edges to keep it shut during Santa's fly so nothing will fall out. Yelling and screaming about were that present was or the ribbons or tape it was what you can hear al around Santa's workshop because they need to finish loading the bag before ten before midnight so Santa could be out on time to be able to deliver all the presents in time.

A big man with a very puffy beard came into the room and everyone keep yelling like nothing was going to stop them and then the old big man said out loud in a hard commanding voice: "Were is the book?". Inmediately there was not even a nail dropping on the floor, all the eyes were on that man figure and he repited the question again: "I'll said it again... Were is the book?". Nobody mooved.

"It should be on your desk... Santa", said a little elf looking at him but the man in red denied and pointed to his desk inside the room that he was in just a few seconds ago: It's not in there, it was but now it's not and if I don't get the book how on earth I will be able to deliver all the toys? You all know that the addresses of every little boy and girl it's in that book"

Nobody know were the book was and the chief elf went to Santa's desk and look but didn't found anything and everybody started to really worry because the clock was ticking and getting more and more close to midnight. "We need to find the book now... Everybody needs to search... Go, go... hurry up" said the chief elf and the search of that precious book started, but this time was in silence, nobody screaming or yelling, and everyone was very sharp to where or what they may found happened to Santa's book.

In the mean time, in a corner well protected from the noise and the light of that huge place, someone was asleep, deeply asleep, in a comfy, brown, puffy, smooth, cold and leatherly like pillow. She didn't snore because she coudn't but the new bed she found in the old huge belly man was all that she wanted from the first time she arrived on that workshop that never has a moment of peace and quiet, and that tick her sences, something was off, too much quiet and so little movement but she stay still in her new found bed and trying to go back to sleep.

Mrs. Claus got into the workshop smiling a little and almost laughing but still holding herself: "I found it". She said and everyone followed her to that cold, dark corner were she was sleeping. It was Lily who took the book, the snake pet, and used it like her own private pillow so she can rest. Santa carefully pick her up and take the book with him, Lily wasn't happy but Mrs. Claus reasure her that Santa will bring back the book to her after that night. Santa delivered all the presents in time and give back the book to Lily so she can rest again and protected for the rest of the year from every other who wanted to make it disapear.

The End

My Filofax Week # 02

Ok boys and girls... This week it's not so cute or shinny or with color...

I never honestly cross my stuff to do and things like that this week, wasn't a good one and I still can feel the fear and stress of it...

As you can see I was pretty happy about the travel to Brazil being stopped and not going anymore. But two days later I cay my eyes out because my love one got angry because I couldn't talk and writte because my mother was bothering me with some questions that I couldn't say to my mom that she needed to wait because my love one wanted to talk to me... We actually broke up that night and I cry and cry on skype talking and explaining and finaly we came back as a last chance...

To this day that I'm posting this, I finish my room organization for the trip and my bags are packed but I didn't finish my drawing yet so I need to hurry up and finish it already so I can post it and win the Malden or the Cuban (*o*)

Keep it funny!

jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

Stationary Purchase

Hello Stationary Addicts and Filofaxers and... and...


Well, all of you out there reading this entry LOL

As most of you know I live in South America, in a little country named Paraguay, wich it's very worm and crazy at the same time. Paypal for some extrange reason didn't gave our country the oportunity to have an account open, like Argentina and Brazil can... Don't know why honestly...

A few people that have an account on the US because they have family or used to live there, now started companies that buy things for the people charging 10% of the product prize and charging 17$ per kg for the weight.

I found a reasonable, for my point of few, company and make a few request to have some buggets and stuff about the things that I wanted to buy and I started small, with tabs and washi tape. I finaly came to the conclusion that I have to try it so in December *nod* Yes, without anyone else's knowledge, I made two purchases with this people.

Two packages arrived today *nod's again*
I know you only see one envelope there but they were two, one was the Tape from Smash and the other was the notetabs that came in combination.

The package with this Avery notetabs and the Martha Stewart down below, where 6.60$ on Ebay free shipping in the US together, the Company charged me a total of 7$ with the 10% included in that and when they arrived here I pay another 4.8$ for the weith. So a gran total of...

*do the math*


This Smash Tape with the Want it, Need it, Fab, etc...

*smiles big time*

Maybe my friend Jayne remembered or those of you who watched my video when I got the Domino's and my Mini Malden. Since then I was lusting over it and I decided that I will get it no matter what...

This Smash Tape *nod* I know... it says 2.63$ but... on Ebay was more, don't remember exactly with shipping... the Company charged me 4$ including the 10% and when it arrived I pay another 4.8$

*do the math*


So at the end I pay for this few items 20.6$...

*thinks looking at the numbers*

Hmmm, a little more than I was expecting but I guess it's fine, right?
What do you think people?
At least I'm happy about it

*stick her tongue out like a child*

Even with the family situation that I had this week I could pay the money to take those home with me.

*thinks and thinks again*

And I'm still waiting for my gift from Tracy, I'm a little worried because of the Christmas crazyness on the mail service and knowing that they lost or delay the delivery too much because of it...


Think next time someone send me something should be with a tracking number like Jayne did, just to be sure and that is not fear because that way it's more expensive according to what I know.

*cross her fingers*

Now I just pray to win the competition so I can win a Filofax of my choise

martes, 8 de enero de 2013

My Weight Loss Journey - Take 2

Hello again girls and boys *stick her tongue out in a funny way like a child would do*

This is me update post after my first week in the Weight Loss Journey and I'm really excited because I feel good and I'm keeping this up and doing the things that I need to do, excersise regularly even on the week end. Talking about that. I promise some pictures of my plaza just around the corner and didn't take them yet, sorry, I will be doing that this afternoon if I can go and walk because it seams like it's going to rain.

Some little story about what happend yesterday. My cousin send me this sms to my phone: "Today at 6 pm on the plaza we walk, if you don't show up, I will charge you a fine". I right away send it to her: "jajajajaja I hope you don't stood me up like in December". I was really mad, who was she to tell me that? I'm walking since January 2nd and... then it hit me... the night of the Sunday another cousin came to visit and I told her that I was walking, so probably she told her sister in law that was the one who send me the sms.

By 6 pm I was at the plaza, because that is my regular hour of walking even with so much people, because earlier it's too hot now to walk. I looked and they weren't there, what a surprise *irony* I started walking around and made my 5 laps for the day, I started with the same amount of Friday and then I will go up. After I finish they didn't show up so I went to my aunt house a block from the square and drank some limonade and talk. Wile I was there I got a call from the cousin who send the sms saying that I wasn't walking and it was already 7:15 pm when she called. I told her where I was, that I end up my walk long ago and that she said 6 pm and she wasn't there. She made some lame excuse and I hung up. Walking home I cross the two of them, my cousin that was on Sunday at home and the other wich is my cousin's wife but I said cousin to her too. I was mad because she said again that I didn't workout, that it was no way I was going to walk alone and that I went to my aunt's house and just said that was walking. I told them that I finished and I was going home and so I did, really mad.

My dad said I shouldn't care but I did... They make me start walking last November/December and them dumped me and I did it alone for 3 more weeks until the final's at Uny make me stop. I don't know if I'm being silly but I hate when people think I'm not capable of doing something on my own and that I will stick to my workout routine. I won't depend on them, I will do it my way and they can kiss my ass (sorry for the language) when I reach my goal in August.

Something fun to notice... My brother and I bought this carpet game a few months ago and never used it, until now. The game it's Step Manía and basically it's a game where you dance you ass of on the carpet that we bought and gain points to go up in levels. It's a game that make you jump, move, and all of those amazing stuff that makes you excersise at the same time. Over the weekend I played for half an hour at a time and let me tell you... I end up more worked that with my laps around the square around the corner.

Total honesty here before I put my measurements and the changes comparing to it with last week. I didn't stop drinking fizzy drinks like Coca Cola but I manage to do it in a lower level than what I was doing it. I'm a huge Coca Cola addict but I know I can stop, I did it before, and I can do it again with a little time on my side. Another thing that got my attention was that last night a 2:40 am I weight myself and have half a kilogram less that what I had this morning when I woke up *raises an eyebrow* Does anyone know what's up with that?

This week my measuments were:
Weight: 77 kg
Waist: 106 (loss 1 cm)
Bust: 105,5 cm (loss 1,5 cm) (u.u)
Hips: 108 cm (gain 1 cm)
Right Thigh: 65 cm
Left Thigh: 65,5 cm
Right Arm: 28,5 cm (loss 2 cm)
Left Arm: 28,5 cm

Ok, here it's the bad side of loosing weight. My boobs are smaller now! *really sad face* I'm only proud of two parts of my body: my boobs and my hair (not all the time of my hair). But well, I need to keep going even more because this just started now and I wanted to be over but with me weighting like 10 to 15 kg less than now.

I didn't make so much goals for this journey but I realize I need to have some achievable goals and something to check if I'm doing alright or not and what better way than to do it here and now.

Weight Loss Goals

Loose 10 kg by the 10th of August, 2013.

Be able to jog 4 laps around the plaza by the 10th of August, 2013.

Eat more natural fruits and vegetables.

Reduce only to weekends the intake of fizzy drinks and only up to 2 glasses.

Workout at least 4 or 5 times a week without excuses.

Some short explanation about my goals, even when I know I don't need to do it. My 27th Birthday will be on August 11th that why I need to loose those kilograms by the 10th. I always wanted and envy those girl jogging at the plaza, honestly... How they do it without stopping?! About the fizzy drinks... I'm a Coke addict and specially when I'm upset or stress about something, but I also realize that in some situations it's good to give you a relax time and drink it... Like in a family reunion or something. The eating more natural and workout it's not such in need of an explanations, right? *smiles*

I hope to see the other girls updates too (n.n) Until next week with this Weight Loss Journey of ours.

lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Amazing finding

Hello, hello, hello... Do you remember the organizer that I got after my aunt died? Well... here is a picture to refresh your memory (for those of you who do watch my videos on youtube, it's one of the first videos about planners)

I just wanted to know what brand was it. I never knew and actually I thought that I probably never knew so... I give up... Just a few minutes ago I was looking on ebay (like always) and wrote "personal organizer", searching page after page and the I saw this (picture it's not there because the sell on ebay it's over)

Can anyone of you honestly tell me if the stiching and the colour it's not te same?! I was in shock. Of course I read the brand: Enzo Baglioni's... and it says leather organizer wich means mine should be leather to *excited* Then I look of the letters at the bottom of the picture: EB, and compare my binder with the picture.

I think (if I'm not so bad) that it's PA, obviously not the same brand but do tell me if it's not just the same organizer. I keep looking at the photos on Ebay of the planner and it's the same, the pockets, the only difference is that the Ebay binder it's a zip binder, and mine it's not.

What do you think about this people? Amazing don't you think? for me it is *smily face all over*

Here is the Ebay link to Enzo Baglioni Leather Planner Organizer

sábado, 5 de enero de 2013

My First Week Post 2013

Well... Don't really know how to start this post since it's my first time doing it and the tittle it's really self explanatory... But this is a post that I will be making week to week because I joined the "My Filofax Week" post of Paperlovestory.

I started my 2013 planner with a week on a page that I cut to size and hole punched from a Red Nose 2013 spiral bound planner and then I stuck it in my personal size Filofax Ultra Violet Domino that I use most because it's the perfect size and if I wanted I can also use it as a wallet but for that I have mi Mini Malden.

So I did started, like I said, with a day on a page... but that same day I realized that I have so many space lesft at the bottom of my page so I wrote a little something down there but it wasn't something I planned to do every single day after that.

So... I was thinking of using agan the day on a page on the 2nd of January but at the end I printed some lines to make a week on two pages (W2P) or week to view (WTV)... And I used it because it was from wednesday until saturday so... it was perfect for me... at least that's what I think for now...

As you can see I use some green gel pen with glitter to make the dates, a blue pen to write down what I needed to do... in two languages as you can see, so I wrote in english or spanish, according to how I was feeling, weird (?) And also, you can see most of my To Do's are not check off or something, it's because I usually don't finish what I set myself to do in the day (u.u)

What it's funny is what I use to make those redish, yellow and brown colours on the page... can you gues? *smile* nop... it's not colour pencil... *waits more and smile even more* nop... they are not pastels... can't you guess? *grins* colored chalk... I found some in my room and decided to give it a go and works perfectly... it's a little messy but it's not something that a good wash of your hands don't correct LOL

Hope you all have enjoyed my First Filofax Week Post, see next week...

Keep it funny!

Weight Loss Journey - Take 01

Ok... the infamous goal of... almost everyone for every New Year is to loose some of that weight that it's bugging you in your body and in your day to day life... And I have to admit that it's my case too... After my aunt past away on December 7th of 2011 I had 65 kg and I was loosing more, but since that event in my life I totally lost myself and start eating to compensate the lost of my best friend and loved aunt... I let it be too much now...

As you all know we are already 5 day into January and even if I did'nt told anyone out here about my goal of loosing some fat (not weight alone) of my body... I haven't told anyone eather that I started walking on the 2nd day of January.

I have a little plaza on the end of my street and if you take one walk around the path of that place you have been walking 500 meters. So that's the way I keep track of how much I walk every time I go there. I did walk before, on December but I stopped so I'm starting fresh and like I never walk before on that plaza.

I started with 3 laps around the square and I wanted to walk more but I thought that 1,5 kilometers was OK for my first day. Then I came back the next day and walked 5 laps and that was 2,5 kilometers and I was proud of myself.

Today (friday) was a little too different... I had a little argument with my love one and I cry and feel bad and everything so I just made 2 laps and went to my aunt house a block from the plaza and talk to my cousin, saw my nephew, play a little and went back home.

I'm not proud today but I did what I felt I needed to do to feel better and now my lovely baby and I are ok again so I feel better and happy. I do have to say this is a really hard relationship because of the distance and the way that my love one reacts to some stuff, and I'm pretty sensitive so... It affect me more...

Tomorrow (saturday) I plan to go for another 5 laps or 4 laps... I will keep going until I reach 10 laps... by the way I did the 5 laps in 35 minutes so... a little over and hour of walking will be great when I reach my 10 laps... and after that I want to be able to jog 5 of those 10 laps but not right know, in a future on 2013.

I took some measurements of myself and weight myself on January 1st. I was surprised that I didn't put on weight because of the Holidays, and at the same time I know I don't eat too much or badly, I just like to drink coca cola when I'm studying for finals or I get upset so... I'm controlling that and with exercise I think I will be loosing some body fat and with that some weight.

My measurements were:

Weight = 75 kgs
Waist = 107 cm
Bust = 107 cm
Hips = 109 cm
Right thigh = 65 cm
Left thigh = 65,5 cm
Right arm = 30,5 cm
Left arm = 28,5 cm

I will be updating you guys, just to have a way to be accountable about this and for those of you interested on knowing what I will be doing along the way. Also I'm aware of the reduction of cm's even when you weight is the same so I will be taking the measurements every tuesday and maybe weight myself. I don't want to become obsses about the scale so that's why I probably will be weighting myself every two weeks but for the rest will be every tuesday.

jueves, 3 de enero de 2013


This post is a way to get out my frustration because of the current price of the Aston at the Filofax USA website.

Most of you readers out there know that I'm saving for that planner from the hand of Linda, she will sell me her Chocolate Aston in Personal Size for that same price... 50 US Dollars... And now the Filofax USA have a HUGE 60% sale on the items that were on sale for the past weeks and one of those is the Aston in personal size.

Why am I so frustrated and upset? Because I have the dam money but I can't buy it because it will mean that I'm touching my life/inheritated money from my aunt, that I promised I wouldn't touch for this particular purchase. If I didn't said that I will save that money for emergencies, I already buy and ship the Aston from Linda with no problema what so ever... But I can't...

There is always the alternative... to use it and then save to replace it but... my head it's split and will make me mad before I reach any choise. Since this is a post to rant about it I will be explaining a little bit more about this situation for those of you that want to read it.

With the shipping and stuff the Aston will be 80 US Dollars easily, buy it from Linda of Filofax in this particular moment it's the same money or a few bucks less because of the shipping weight but that money... I never in my right mind would have expend that kind of money on a binder or planner in my life...

This will be like a BIG, HUGE, spoiled, childlish craving for a planner and I already have my Violet Domino's and my Malden... and the brown one that I found at my aunt's department... So why on earth do I want another organizer? And to be honest I'm not a big planner person... to be more honest, my life looks like a tornado have gone thru and everything it's always upside down... so why?? Bite me! I don't know!

Money it's really tight at home right now. The account of my parents it's in red and they had to make a loan to cover that deficit. Honestly making a purchase like this, at this particular time it's from a crazy person... or in any time with me not working, my parents with this problems and still trying to make us have a nice vacations in a week because they know that once I start working again I won't be able to travel with them anymore.

I want it... For my life that I want it... But I can't have it... It's worst than the time that I posted my video about the Ultra Violet Domino that Jayne so kindly send it to me and that I love with all my heart. Because this time around I did find a way to buy online, but the amount of money... *sigh* If I ever decide to buy it with this sale... I don't know what would be happening... but sure as anything that my brother and parents will be screaming at me for being so thoughtless and irresponsible with my money...

This is enough I guess... My idea was to let everything out and I did, not all of it because there are some stuff that I can't share for personal reasons that involve my parents... I know this won't stop me from going every day to the website and look, sigh and stroke the screen... but it will help to know why I have to restraint myself...

And if this don't cut it... I didn't buy the Day Timer organizer for 12,99 US Dollars, washi tape or other stuff because I still have to use my money for some post office trips that I have been waiting to do so... For a good reason I'm not buying my Aston... or any other binder... right?

Lady Elizabeth

miércoles, 2 de enero de 2013

January's 365/30 Filo Lists

New year, new list, new start over!

As you may have seen I just didn't finish December's list (u.u) but I'm starting fresh!

January's 365/30 Filo Lists

1) New Year's Resolutions 2013

I was pretty excited about making some New Year's Resolutions since October 2012, more since I watch a video of Anthony Robbins about that and make a purpose for the end of the year to make some resolutions for 2013. I thought that would be great and help me to be on track with what I wanted to do and achieve during the year.

The night of the 31st of December I was thinking about my New Year's Resolutions like I had been doing for a few days, wile I was getting into my new dress with white panties for good luck and new shoes. I put some make up on (odd in me), use some nice perfume from JLo and then some nice owl necklace and earings.

We went to my cousin to have dinner, spend midnight on top of a chear with money in my shoe, 7 grapes in the table (we were too many to have 12 LOL), bags packed and waiting to go running to the other side of the street and back and look at the fireworks. As you understand now... I didn't make any resolutions.

Yesterday I was searching on youtube about other peoples videos on New Year's Resolutins and I came across Flora's video and love it! Why? Because without even know it, I did what she advice people!

NO New Year's Resolutions for me this year!

2) Goals for this month

This is something that I have been waiting for a few weeks to make, thinking about it all the time but not deciding anything yet. Well... Know it's the time to actually do it and list my first ever monthly goals. Keep in mind that I may add some more within a day or two but this seams to be really nice and do-able...

January Goals

Find a definitive organized system for my planner

Check my wardrobe every two weeks to stay organized

Study hard before hand for next month finals

Enjoy myself on the trip that my parents are planning for this month

Save at least 10$ total and set it a side for my Aston

Blog more and Video blog at least once a week

Walk at least 5 days a week for a period of 30 to 60 minutes

3) Goals for 2013

As most of you read up in the first topic (Nro. 1) of the list, I didn't make any New Years Resolutions this time and I stick to that but it doesn't mean I don't have some Goals for this Year.

Goals for 2013

Finish University and get my degree in Accountancy

Loose 10 kilograms of fat of my body

Get a more healthy eating habits

Get a great job

Be more organized in my life

Get a better relationship with my family.

I have to say that this will be updated and well more written in my Filofax but I will updated this too and having the 101 thins in 1001 days list too soo. That it's for another post (n.n)

4) Favourite moments of 2012

There are really few moments that I treasure of the 2012. Honestly I don't remember more times when I have great happiness or joy even with a sad background on one of them.

The day that my gorgeous love one accept me as a girlfriend (*o*)

When my Filofax arrived from London as a gift from the gorgeous Jayne and her lovely dougther

When my parents gave us (my brother and I) the money that we inhereted when she past away

When I won the Crazy Suburban Mom giveaway

5) My achievements of 2012

Ups... caught me unprepared for this one... *thinks... and thinks a little more* Ok, I don't recall any achievements beside the fact that I did manage to successfully aprove two subjects at Uny on December and I did stick to a walking routine for three and a half weeks... beside of those I don't know, I don't remember any big events... *remembers* Wait! I do remember something HUGE... my love one finaly gave me a chance and we started a relationship on May *grin* that was a really happy day for me

6) 2013 planning tools

This is something that it's easy in some way but the list could go on and on so I will listed simple.

Personal Domino Filofax
Week on two pages
Day on a page cut to size fron the Red Nose 2013 planner
Sticky notes
Sticky tabs
Colored pens
Colored chalk

A5 Domino Filofax
Printed sheets
Sticky tabs
Black pen (regular writting)
Color pen (birthdays and special dates)

Mini Malden
Cute cut to size 2010 mini planner
Blue pen (regular writting)
Green and light blue pen (add or substract money)
Address sheets
Notes sheets

Travel Pocket Binder
Sticky tabs
Sticky notes
Mechanical pencil

7) Books to read in 2013

Ok people... seriously? Do you want me to list the books that I want to read this year? *sigh* Honestly I don't know many of them, but I'm sure about one thing, my books on PDF need to get organized and read. I have over 200 books in my laptop and I never read more than one of them... Total honesty here... I need to get to it but I will make a list of the ones on the top because they are interesting for me...

8) 10 thing to try in 2013 I've never done/have/experienced before

Hmmmm I don't know about 10 things but well I will make the list eather way.
  1. Dance a music game (done)
  2. Jog for 2,5 km
  3. Eat a mexican Taco
  4. Smile for a day no matter what happend
  5. Enjoy miself meditating in a pool
  6. Have more happy moments this year
  7. Stop reacting in a bad way for a week
  8. Get my degree
  9. Make time for me
  10. Don't let people put me down or take advantage just because I care

9) Favourite things in a cosy night in

Never had a cosy night in, so... I just better imagine this one for a change. Hmmm *close her eyes* A nice confortable couch or bed, hot chocolate or coffee, a deliciuos hot sandwich and a good book or a great selection of vampire or witches movies... And a stash of Coke in the frige just in case LOL

10) Best things about being a child

Can eat a lot of candy and you are very honest without having to worry about being yell at because you did say something that was thrue.

11) Best things about being an adult

Can manage your many and don't have your parents all the time on top of everything you want to do. To be able to work and have your own life and money and stuff. Being able to fall in love or not, just decide for yourself.

12) If I could only eat 5 food items for the rest of my life...

This is hard to think about since I love food but I think I have a few that I love more than other's. Food items... include drinks? I would exclude drinks LOL
  • Spaguetti
  • Watermelon
  • Chicken
  • Tomato
  • Onion
13) Favourite TV programs

Easy, and to just wrap this up together in one... *thinks* Nop... I can't so I will just list them...
  • CSI New York
  • CSI Miami
  • CSI Las Vegas
  • NCIS
  • Vampire Diaries
  • The Secret Circle
  • Grimm
14) Simple things that make me happy
  • Watch a sunset or sunrise
  • Sit down and look at the moon
  • Videos about Filofax
  • Have a really nice moment with myself, relaxing
15) Magic/Super powers I would love to have
  • Be able to grow anything from the ground
  • Alquimist
  • Turn tears into money
  • Be able to come and go thru the Astral Plane more easily
  • Make people happy
16) Places I would love to go on holiday/vacation
  • Chile
  • Spain
  • London
  • USA
  • Uruguay
  • Italy
17) Favourite animals
  • Snakes
  • Spiders
  • Cats
  • Dogs
18) 5 things I love about myself

This kind of question are the ones that scares me off a little because don't know how to ask... I can't list more than 2 things that I know about myself that I like, but I can list what other people have told me.
  • My hair
  • My boobs
  • My heart
  • My loyalty
19) Favourite music/band/singers

I haven't thought about this in a very long long time boys and girls... *thinks* I will list a few that come to my head right now but be sure they are not all...
  • Nickelback
  • Mago de Oz
  • Evanescense
  • BackStreet Boys
  • N'Sync
  • Simple Plan
  • Hilary Duff
  • David Bizbal
20) Fun places to spend a day out
  • Window shopping
  • Downtown
  • At the movie's
21) 10 favourite items of clothing in my wardrobe

  • Leopard print dress
  • Green and black cotton dress
  • Sawary jeans
  • Red with flowers top
  • Del Rio brassier
  • Goffy long dress to sleep
  • Yellow fluoresent t-shirt
  • Black top
  • Striped skirt
  • Striped sock
22) Things/programs/people that make me laugh

  • My dad
  • My loved one
  • Big bang theory

23) My favourite little indulgences

  • Coca Cola
  • Going into a stationary store and look around
  • Going into a book store and look around
  • Going on Palma street and look at the raw crystals that people sell

24) I prefer... (pick 1 of each): Books or music? TV or movies? Hot or cold? Internet or paper? Day or night? Sweet or savoury?
Ok, this one it's one that makes me think a little but I will be honest about it, if I could have books and music, and internet and paper... it would be perfect LOL

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Cold
  • Paper
  • Night
  • Sweet

25) Favourite meals to cook
Well... people... this is a confesion: I don't cook... ever. I know how to do it but don't do it. If I must cook I like to make pasta, it's easy, quick and taste amazingly

26) What I wore today

  • Brown pants
  • Turquoise shirt
  • Creamy shoes
  • White and blue skirt
  • Black top
27) Favourite books

  • The Brotherhood of the Dager saga
  • Twilight saga
  • Little woman
  • The Doll House

28) Top 5 websites to waste time
Can you make it a lot easier?

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Philofaxy

29) Chores I secretly enjoy doing
The is only one... Ironing LOL

30) Favourite ways to spend a day off

  • Doing window shopping
  • Looking for crystals at Palma street, downtown
  • At the movies
  • Watching videos on Youtube
  • Reading