miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

My Filofax Week #11

Hello again... *waves her hand* I'm here for a little while to show you my week...
*denies with the head* Nop, I'm still without internet at the house so I won't be so active on the FB group or uploading videos or making too much blog post for a few more days *sigh* But enough of that... This week was a good week until the weekend I guess... I did a lot and accomplish more than I thought I would :D

I started classes again at University on Wednesday's only from 7:30 to 10:30 am so that is gonna be there for a few months every week... I have been playing with making new dividers for my Filofax while I'm waiting for my Coco to arrive and as you can see I use some tape this week to make my pages a little more colorfull...

Saturday and Sunday were my most bussy days aparently, the reason for Saturday to have so many stuff it's that we wen't to an aunt house for dinner and guess what? *wait to see if they guess it* No? Nobody? *smile* they had internet working! So I downloaded as many Filofax videos as I could, I check blog post and Facebook from there until we wen't again home...

Something that I haven't been able to do was to make that Trisha's World arrow to make me do something about what that means... I think I'm not so inspired to make videos or blog post for it but I know I should and maybe I would...

Happy Equinox!

miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

Finaly Here!

Ok, this should be up for a very very very long time know but for some reason it stayed on the draft part of my blog and since I was looking at that part I found it and here it is...

You may ask yourself... What are this pictures? Well... This are pictures of the parcel Tracy Reinhartd send me on December last year and arrived here in January... my prize for winning a giveaway on her blog... The first thing I have ever won in my life :)


A really cool post card with a cute little note from Tracy in her own handwriting *-* 
Thank you so much for reading my blog!
Hope you enjoy all the things!

The post card has holes on it to be in my Filofax and it was at the time but now she lives in another binder I have because I don't want it to get torn or something

 Here you can see a lot of stickers for my calendar pages and I think those dots are Martha Stewart dots or maybe Mark it Dots, not sure but they are mat and great for my binder and... not so small! I haven't use the other stickers yet but those dots I did...

 This are other stickers and those are Avery removable labels (pink, orange, green, yellow). Of this group of stuff I only used one of the sticker with a Cupid on it for Valentines Day

 Of all the group of prizes, this was what I want it the most... Studio C dividers for my A5 Domino that actually I never re punched or put in my Filofax because I was and I'm so worry to use it and then torn something for the use... I know it's silly but it is how it is...

  Last but not least my most use objects of this parcel... Martha Stewart tabs and a binder sticker that even if I didn't use one of the flowers yet *smile* I have it in my personal size Filofax just in case I decided to do it at some point

I have to say THANK YOU again to Tracy for this parcel that I still have in a very well kept place in my room that maybe I will show you at some point in time for organization purposes... but here it is Finaly the post about it!

martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

My Filofax Week #10

Hello... Hello... Helloooooooo...
Here we are again... Monday already? Wow... the days fly so quickly...
As you know (and for those of you who did not know) last week was Week #10 of the year...

Well as most of you can see in the picture I added some stickers, some sticky note with a quote and a Hello Kitty head wich I can say with total honesty I like how it looks on the page. Also used repositionable sticky arrows with a few things that I need to remember and I need to add next week and so on.

Talking about my things done or not on the week, the ones with the check with yellow highlighter means that they have been accomplish that day and the one in orange highlighter it's accomplish but another day. Also I put a red line over some stuff and didn't check other because I inted on doing them this week too. Don't know if I should re-write them but I will see how it goes and show you next week.

The pink numbers are a way to keep track of how many day's takes for my Coco (brown Metropol) to arrive here from Australia, and I keep the sundays out because it has to be days that the post office is working.

sábado, 9 de marzo de 2013

February 365/28

I know... I know... It's March already but for some reason I decided that I need to do this on this blog so...

February's 365/30 Filo List

1) Goals for this month
No drinking Coke for a month
Eat more healthy
Workout 60 minutes a day
Be more organized in general
Read more spiritual books
Aproove my exams

2) What books have you read more than once (for pleasure)?
La Ciudad de las Bestias - Isabel Allende
Dark Lover - The Blood Dagger Brotherhood Series (book #1) - J.R. Ward
Lover Awakened - The Blood Dagger Brotherhood Series (book #3) - J.R. Ward
Twilight - Twilight Saga (book #1) - Stephenie Meyer

3) What thing(s) on your bucket list can you do/have before summer?
Since I don't have a bucket list yet... I can do anything before summer and other thing... Autumn it's just beginning this month so... *big smile* I have too much time to do/have what I want

4) Today would be so much better if yesterday I had commited and finished uny already

5) Tomorrow will be so much better if I try harder to be nice today

6) What colors do you look best in (and commit to wearing them more!)
Well taking into consideration I don't change much the color of my clothes... Purple, orange, yellow and of course black :)

7) My favorite books on organizing are
I haven't read any book on organizing yet. I have tryed to read GTD (Getting Things Done) but can't seam to past from the first chapter, so I downloaded ZTD (Zen To Done) and I will be trying to start with that

8) My favorite apps are
Whatsapp *laugh* seriously... Whatsapp and Skype are the best with Twitter

9) What are you favorite guilty pleasure foods?
This is easy... Pasta (spaghetti, ñoqui) and coke

10) My top must have pens are
I don't really go with brand pens, if I like something I got it but I won't expend so much money on a pen no matter how well reviewed is or anything. If I could I would but I can't so I don't.

11) 5 things on my wishlist?
Uchida Le 0.3mm Point Pen Set, 10-pack, multicolor
Crystal Bible - Judy Hall
Shadow Magic Compendium - Raven Digitalis
The Favole Tarot Deck - Victoria Frances
Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan - Stephanie Woodfield

12) Things that make me crabby
When mom wake me up yelling
When I can't enjoy a video or tv program in peace
When someone try to control my every moove and I feel like I can't breath

13) I'm at my best when nobody gets in my life in a way that I don't want them to

14) Who can I send an unsigned Valentine to just make them feel loved
My friend Facundo in Argentina, my friend Adriana from Venezuela

15) My dog (cat, bird, etc) can describe me as a loving, carring owner...

16) 5 things I can do anytime, anywhere when I feel anxious
Drink coke
Distract my mind with something on the street
Talk very slowly about the situation without anyone noticing
Make a fist
Make an angry face

17) Things I want to be better in March
Anger management

18) Things I lie about
Buying coke and hide it
Going away to walk downtown instead of going to class
How much I want my family's support and respect
How much I don't care about my mom

19) Fashion trends that make me say huh?
I really do not follow fashion trends but those industrial dancer's make me say huh?

20) The excuses I use (war too often) are
I didn't hear you say that...
It wasn't me...
I was in the bathroom...
I was studying...

21) My planner/organizer crushes are
Orchid Aston
Crimson Malden
Black Malden
Wine Holborn
Orange Metropol
Kingfisher Blue Metropol
Orange Domino
Purple Finchley
Red Chameleon
Adelphi (in any color)

22) What were the last 5 things you bought that you didn't need (and knew at the time) but bought it anyways?
4 color pen
Post it notes
Post it tabs
White out

23) My favorite restaurants are
Il Postino

24) The best reasons you can think of to convince someone they should own a Filofax
Not only because they are so many great models, but because you can adapt the planner to your needs and not only be more organized but to look great at it too :)

25) Start you Christmas list today
A video cam
A kindle
Washi tape
A brand new Filofax

26) 5 movies I can watch over and over again
Van Helsing
Twilight (the first movie)
Dead Poet Society

27) What are your favorite funny words
Ohhh... Don't know... I guess the words I learn from my friends outside the country

28) Review of the month
I can tell you all that it's been a good month. Lost weight, got a little proud of myself and then didn't acomplish most of my goals about uny that I had for myself...

martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

My Filofax Week #08 and #09

Hello everyone!
I don't know how this happend but I forgot to post my week last week soo... Today we have two weeks and they are not so fancy or cute or anything... Honestly I wasn't in the mood to make anything special...

Week #08

As you all can see there is a little colour here but not much, I was alone at the house since the 22th and didn't have much to do, and wasn't feeling so colourfull so... I just put what was necesary to keep track of a few things...

Week #09

This week was a little bit different because I have decided that for March I was going to change my daily set up and start my week on Monday, just for a change and since I printed my own pages it's good for me to try need things... As you can see my WO2P layout has not change, at leats not much because I still have a little space on the top for notes, in this case and being the beginning of the month: Goals...

Another thing that you may have notices... I cutted the top and bottom inside edges a little bid so the paper can be more free regarding the flap that it's there to open the rings... Since I don't have a round puncher to make it I use and old planner ruler to mark and then cut :)

viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

Weight Lost Journey - February Review

 Hello again boys and girls... I can believe it's the end/beginning or another month already but here we are... Saying Bye-Bye to February and Welcome to January *smiles* This past month of February much has happens, many goals to reach and we will see in this review, what actually was done and what wasn't...

February Review!

First things first... Measurements:

February 1st February 28th Difference
Weight 75,4 kg 74,5 kg 0,9 kg
Bust 103 cm 103cm 0 cm
Under bust line 89 cm 88 cm 1 cm
Waist 105 cm 103 cm 2 cm
Hips 108 cm 108 cm 0 cm
Left arm 30,5 cm 30,5 cm 0 cm
Right arm 30 cm 29 cm 1 cm
Left leg 63 cm 61 cm 2 cm
Right leg 60,5 cm 60 cm 0,5 cm

Secondly we have... Goals:
No drinking Coke for a Month
This was the crazy goal of the month. Being a Coke addict I can say with proud I did 100% accomplished this goal!

Eat more fruits
Not so much done, you can say 45% done this month because I didn't ate to much fruit to be honest, but I did ate more vegetables *smiles and stick her tongue out a little*

Excercise 60 minutes a day
Only 54% done... this month was a really slow one and need to get better for March, that's for sure

Keep a daily food journal
Another goal that was really not finished... I can say if I did 47% was more than what I spected, but I will get better, here we are to learn *smile*

Try a new recipe for a meal or shake every week
Only two times, meaning I only accomplish 50% of this goal but I like it so I will be putting it again for next month *smiles* And I will find some new recipes to learn and try

March Goals

Regulate my coke intake to only weekends

Eat at least one fruit a day

Excercise daily and regularly at least for 30 minutes

Keep a daily food journal and be honest in it

Make a new recipe for myself once a week

Thank you all that are here with me, supporting this journey and keeping me on track :)