martes, 2 de abril de 2013

Courtesy of Becca :D

I went yesterday to the post office to pic up two parcels that arrived on the Holy Wednesday and I went back home with them. One of those was Alan's parcel from Canada with my Michael and a few other goodies, if you want to read about it it's the post before this :)

Rebecca's Parcel
This is how my eyes saw the parcel at home, the address there it's mine so I don't have to worry so much about it and next I would show you what she send me also as goodies and not just my Coco was in that bag.

Scooby Doo Bag :)
Pens, do drops, post it's...
Sticky notes, paper clips...
Now for the best of the best... For the princess of this post... Here you have her... Coco (*o*)

Coco right out of her box
The back of Coco
(Inside) Front side of Coco
(Inside) Back side of Coco
As you can see I took a lot of pictures of her and did a good job on that *smile* Now I need to organize her and put everything like it has to be... The rings are almost perfect but I can't complain, she is so gorgeous for me that I wouldn't change her for anything...

So here you have her... In all her glory... Now I need to make the new dividers and set her up better and use her... Violet it's already sleeping in my self and I already moved everything that she had into Coco but I think I need to organize a little better my planner... I can't stop touching her thou...

On a funny note... I show my dad my Coco and Michael today... He love them but he loved Coco the most honestly, the way he touch her and smiled... Was so nice to see him be good with me and in a way understand how much I love them :)


The video about the unboxing of her and all the goodies

Courtesy of Alan's :)

On the night of the Holy Wednesday my mom said to me "Look on the round table, there is a square paper for you" and my first thought was "MAIL!". I run to the round table that it's in the living room and saw the peace of tiny paper there (*o*)

Post Office Little Note
I was so happy and upset at the same time, because if you notice the date... It said 27-III meaning 27 of March, meaning that holy wednesday and I was so upset because my mother let me know about it at night when there was nothing I could do... So I just waited and waited and waited counting the days until Monday...

Alan's Parcel
Monday I woke up at 7:30 am and keep telling my mother that I need to go to the post office but my cousin came to drink coffee with her so she didn't even listen to me and after they were done at 9:00 am he drove me to the post office and left for work so I was thrilled and took two parcels from there... This was Alan's... My first thought on the bus back home was "Did he send me a pocket planner?" for me was really small LOL

Martha Stewart Line
The first thing I take out was this beauties... Martha Stewart sticky notes in two sizes and color coding labels that are so cute and will be very well use in my new organizer that came from Canada and here it is...

I name him last night while the lights were out and I was looking at him at a candle light, stroking him... The minute I saw him out of the parcel I knew... He is for my university and he will be for that, it's so student looking and at the same time he is so serious... and I love him!

(Inside) Right side of Michael
As you can see he has 3 card slots and one big pocket... Also a secretarial pocket and a pen loop...
I will use it honestly very well to keep my money and some other stuff in there for class on wednesday...

(Inside) Left side of Michael
Another pen lop and a note pad holder wich it's very good and make me really happy... Also the rings feel like hard plastic but they are very strong so I'm very happy with it and like I said, he will come with me to classes everytime I went to university


Here is the Video that I made and it's on Youtube of the Unboxing