jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

Did you know I do tarot readings?

Yes, sometimes I do Tarot Readings *smiles* I don't talk too much about it or make videos about this because I don't consider myself such a good tarot reader to do this for other people, and also because I have a highly respect about Divination.

To be even more honest with you, I don't do a reading except it's absolutely necesary for me to have the imput of my babies *smile bigger* Yes, I do talk to my cards when I'm shuffling them for the reading.

Yesterday I had a very paranoic feeling and at the same time, the more I thought about it, the more I believed I was right with my ideas. So today at 1:03 am, I took my babies out of their box and started shuffling and talking to them *keep smiling* Yeah, I may be a little crazy but it works for me so...

My reading was very interesting, at least for myself and I will explain why in this post for those who are interested. I made the decision of a quick 3 card reading, like a Yes or No kind of answer. The upright cards where Yes and the reversed cards where No, but as usual my babies have more to me than just a simple answer. The question I kept asking my cards was: ¿There is someone blocking me of finishing university?


My first card was The Moon, reversed, which will mean No according to my idea, but also have a very interesting thing to say about my question. The first thing I thought when I saw her was: Things are not always what they look like.

The Moon Reversed: Casting off veils and seeing what is behind scenes. Making sure that things get broken: lies, spells, illusions, glamorours and things. Someone could be reveild for whatever they are doing. You need to actually accept the truth when it's given to you. You might have to call somebody out on their on lie. Play close attention of what is going on behind scenes, but also pay attention to closing down veils, make sure you can see farther and more accurately by getting past the boundaries you or somebody else may have put up to obstruct you.


Seven of Cups: Lack of sense of direction, too many opportunities to choose from and not feeling safe or comfortable with any of them. The big threat here is that you can only choose one so choose wisely. Too many things going on with your life right know and you don't know what to give priority to. If you don't feel like you are not ready to make a decision right now, don't. You are not pressure to deal with this right now, but you can't let it stew forever. Diligently look at everything, reorganize and re-prioritize. Yes, do not rush to make a commitment you don't fully trust of feel secure in but at the same time do not entertain new ideas over and over again. You are piling more and more stuff in your plate and it's making you look like a flake. Warning: You try to do more at this time and you will be misplassing your priorities.

Death: Natural ending cycle. A situation will be coming to an end. All that it's needed, it's to be able to move forward confidently when it happens. Severing ties. You need to be able to embrace more change and transition as the times goes on. This may not be at the right time according to your personal schedule, but this is kind of irrelevant sometimes when it comes to the universe. So make room and get ready, because as soon it's over, good stuff it's going to happen. Make sure you embrace change as it happens in your life, stay in step with that change. Breaking down, deciding to lament it's only going to make the pain last longer. And the pain it's not as bad as you think, it's only your own shock.


Five of Pentacles Reversed: Quite a positive card in every capacity except emotions. Help, assistance, courage and recovery, but there is a possibility for dependency. Could indicate a situation that it's improving rather swiftly. Help that you have asked it's being given. A codependent relationship could be forming or involved with you, be sure this is only temporary. Give second chance, but know when to stop giving second chances as well. It's your job to help others but make sure they also have the material and capacity to help themselves once they realize how to solve this problems.

I took my own result about this reading and I am pretty sure you did too *nods* Good... Because they, as usual, nail it with their meanings and insides. This always surprise me but at the same time I get this strong surge of power that I adore; and makes every reading special.

The cards meaning I got them from Niko at:
Practical Tarot Tutor 

Disclaimer: The pictures are from the Steampunk Tarot Deck that I look on Google Images.

martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

To hell with everything?

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

Notes/Wallet Combo - Review

This is the little (chubby) fauxdori that I'm using as my notebook and wallet combo for *thinks for a few seconds* almost a week now...

I made a great setup of this and it's working like a charm. I do love that the plastic pocket that I slide in there can holds not only money but also tickets and stuff, which it's really handy.

What can I say about this setup? Well...

I have really enjoy how easy it is to take it out of my bag to pay for things and also how light weight it is, because if I carrie all my other planner stuff or even a bigger wallet, it would be heavy and my shoulder would get hurt because of it.

Also allows me to take it everywhere I go, no matter where it is, because I can just throw it in my bag with my phone and mp3 player and go. Sit in a park, take it out and write or even on the bus, which is not easy, let me tell you that, but I could do it if I wanted or need it too.

I know I have my money in that little thing, but it's in the back pocket and it doesn't even show, so there's no problem at all to take it out, people think it's just a notebook or journal, nothing worth taking from you :D

miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

VlogTober Catch Up :)

Vlogtober Catch Up :)

Blogtober... What happend??

You may be asking between each other, what happend with the Blogtober post? Well... How can I explain this in a way that can be understand by all? *scratch her chin* I know... I simply didn't want to make them anymore *smile like the cheshire cat*

The hole point was to blog every single day, you could say... But let me ask you this: Why prepare a blog post if you don't want to follow the prompts given to you for this?

So what I will do is make a blog post from here forward about any idea I got in my head that day *smile* Today for example I want to talk about Midori Traveler's Notebooks and my obsesion with getting a Trifold from Jonelifish.

Honestly, I want that Midori Trifold Journal *sigh deeply* But I already have a regular size brown gorgeous original Midori that my Boo gifted to me, and don't get me wrong, I adore that thing but looking at this I can't stop thinking that it would be amazing in my hands *stick her tongue out just a second, like a child*

What makes things worst it's that I already name this Trifold and that makes me want it even more, which it's not good, not good at all... *sigh again* When I get stuff into my head, ideas that I want something, I often end up getting it or just ignoring the idea completely and a great example would be that last night I was on the Barnes and Noble website wanting to buy Piccadilly Notebooks for my Midori *roll her eyes* Like I didn't have enough handmade ones...

I need to fight with this urge to press that bottom and get that Trifold in my hands because really... I don't NEED to pay more that XX dollars on a leather trifold, right? *sigh* But i WANT to, and there lays the problem, because technicaly I can, I have the money but it would be like my binders, I have 6 (if I don't remember incorrectly) and I not even using one well enough...

In total honesty I have:
1 Full size Original Midori
1 Full size leather Midori
1 Handmade full size fauxdori
1 Field Notes size leather Midori
1 Handmade pocket size leather Midori
1 Handmade pocket size fauxfori

So... I ask you... I really need to pay XX amount of dollars for another Midori?

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

BlogTober #07

Another late post, short because I am tired so I am doing this very late, which it's note your fault but yeah... for tomorrows post I will tell you more :)

7. How you cheer yourself up
Hmmm *thinks* usually I listen to some music... Lately I have been more into The Pretty Reckless and Halestorm *smile big time* Oh yeah... those two are amazing...

Blogtober #06

This is going to be a very late post *laugh out loud* but I will make it anyway because I want to answer to all the question of this month Blogtober, even if I didn't post this day on the day that it has to be.
6. Favourite article of clothing or jewelry

Pretty easy don't you think? This is my most favourite jewelry lately. I've use it on me for more than a month and it's perfect. I feel good using it arround my neck even for the trips to the mall.

domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014

BlogTober #05

So you know the basic rutine already? *looks around* Yeah, I thought so... and you are such a fast learners!

5. Favourite Time of the Year
This is going to be one of my easy ones... Between October and November, because it's more windy than other times of the year and takes my mind to memories that I treasure and want to go back in time to get them more often even.

The rain it's not my favourite element in the picture but the windy days and if... just if the rain catches me off guard it's also very much memory land for me... Of course I need to take shelter so I don't end up completely wet but, oh well...

Can some of you tell me your favourite time of the year? I would love to know :)

Blogtober #04

Today it has been a very not relaxing day I guess... Lots of work at the office and also at home... But I want to keep up with this month challenge so here we go... next prompt says...

4. Someone you idolize

I thought about this all day almost and I notice I don't have anyone I idolize in reality, not even an actor or actress or singer... The truth is that I do not do that anymore, I believe in the quote down:

I know it's not the most possitive quote or thought ever but I know for experience that it's true in most situations. Sorry if someone feels bad for my words but let me explain where I come from and of course this not apply to all things.

I used to see my aunt as my idol. I didn't wanted to be single all my life like she was but at the end I realize that she was a strong and independent person that did what she wanted to because nobody could dictate her life. But the times she let me down and I let her down... they were too many and last time it happend we even didn't have time to get back to normal grounds before she died.

So no, I don't idolize nobody... I can't shut myself off completely but usually I expect some things from people but try to remember that maybe, just maybe, things not always will be like I want them to be...

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

BlogTober #03

Another day and it's sooooo good to be in October *big smile and read the next blog prompt for the challenge and frown* Oooooook... favorite quote, that it's a complicated one because I have so many in mind right now and so I do in my planner too... hmmmmm...

This was one of the best quotes I had ever seen months ago, that was the reason I printed a version of it and put it in my planner and still is in it to this day *scratch her chin* So...

What is your favourite quote at this moment in time??

Tell me in the comments :)

jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

Blogtober #02

The second day of October, how are you all people? *smile* I am good even with all the things happening in my life at this time of the month...

You may not know, if you didn't saw my video yesterday or the one I will put up today and the link down below... I am quiting my job and my last day will be next Wednesday so I have a ton of work to do and people to say goodbye too and pictures to take and all that jazz so...

Should I continue? *looks around and since nobody said NO, she continues* Yes, I will...

2. Favourite place or city that you have been to
This make me think a little bit because it's not like I have been far away from home... I could say that my favourite place was a place I have been only for a few hours a few years ago. It was inside my country but it was at a company that one of my cousins used to work at. Very country like, a lot of trees, very little technology, it had this very natural looking and feeling air and the witch in me was in love!

Again a video with this blog post *big smile*

miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

BlogTober #01

Welcome this incredible month that I like so much! *bows her head for a few seconds while she said that and then look at everybody* Ejem... So... Welcomed to you too readers of this oh so simple blog *smile*

October it's finally here and I didn't want it to let it pass me by just because in my country we don't make a big deal about Halloween. That does not mean I don't enjoy it *wiggle her eyebrows* It's a very wicked time of the year in did.

Going back to the point... I didn't want this month to pass me by so I decided to look online to see what could I do to remember October 2014 and I came upon this *points to the picture down there*

I came across this in two blogs:

So basically I am doing a Blog every day, answering this prompts... And I am starting Today!

1. About you:
Name: Elizabeth, Lizzie, Eli, Patty, Trisha
Age: 28
Location: Currently in my room
Occupation: Student of sorts
Fav Shows: Hmmm... shows? *thinks* Let me see... I love CSI Miami, CSI New York, NCIS, Criminal Minds and Vampire Diaries... even tho I don't watch a lot of TV lately
5 Facts About You: I have dye hair, I love the rain, I wanted to be a writter when I grew up, I am a nice person, and I live with my parents still
Recent Photo:
Better yet... I will leave you a video *big smile* untill tomorrow! *waves bye-bye*